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The Podcast Setup

I wanted to create a page where you could see what I’m using for my podcasting setup. There will be affiliate links where I may get money if they purchase the goods or use the services I list here. They aren’t paying me directly per-se to list them here. These are just the tools I use to create my podcast setup and some may have affiliate links.


This is where I produce, record, edit, and publish my podcast.

Shure MV7

Everyone uses the bigger SM7B, but for podcasting the MV7 edges it out for less money. It’s USB! But can also be XLR for when you want to go the route of using a mixer or doing more than just podcasting with it.


In ear Monitors I plug directly into the microphone to monitor my own voice and listen to my guests. They are comfortable, have incredible sound quality (that rivals my $300 over ear headphones) and have a bunch of different sized ear pieces for different ear sizes.

Neewer Mic Stand

This isn’t a big fancy mic stand for the big fancy mic, but it works very well.

Logitech C920

My Webcam, I have DSLRs to use, but this camera is still my go-to. This bundle has a little tripod in it too, so you don’t have to be like me and have a 150 dollar titanium SLIK Travel Tripod for your webcam haha.

LED Wand Fill Light

Neewer no longer makes the plain white ones that I use, they have upgraded to this LED RGB one. And they are literally less expensive than my older, not as feature rich ones.

Neewer 660 Pro II LED Panels

These are my lights for my background. You don’t NEED the diffusers, but I recommend them to everyone because they do a great job.

Neewer 660 Softbox

They make the LED Panel Lights softer and more fuzzy.

If any other gear comes into my life for podcasting, I will be sure to add it here!

Be sure to head over to for a free copy of my “Condensed Tools for Navigating Neurodivergence” book and more information on some of my current projects, my book, and my podcast.

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Stefan Glazer

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