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Hi guys!

My name is Stefan Glazer, a professional pet photographer who has had a life of constant battles against an unknown foe. Severe Inattentive ADHD. I had been diagnosed at the age of 39 and had my world turned upside down. At the same time, everything started to fall into place. As I learned more about myself and my struggles with how my mind worked, I realized I set place a good amount of safety and backup systems to keep me on task and create habits that will help me move forward in life.

It was those little systems and tools that helped me be more like those that are neurotypical. While those who are neurotypical have no issues with concepts like meditation, mindfulness, utilizing lists and notes, and talking to therapists could help, neurodivergent individuals are at a disadvantage when approaching these concepts as one with a typical mindset. So, I sat down and started to write out my approach, a completely different approach to using these tools.

They are from my perspective, from my years of trial and error, and what worked well for me in conquering a lot of different tasks and forming many important habits in my life. I want to be able to share these with the world, starting with this first book covering some of the basics of how I was able to become habitual with tools that help me day to day and create less stress and frustration. I don’t just want to help those like me, with some sort of neurodiversity. Even neurotypical parents, friends, and partners can benefit from understanding how differently our minds work.