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Alexandra Fodor

Alexandra has a superpower, but we barely talk about her ability to learn and speak languages quickly. We know, however, part of that superpower is because of her ADHD.

She has unknowingly struggled most of her life until her diagnosis and figuring out what was going on. With that knowledge and a little help from her ADHD friends, she has gone on to become a leader in mindfulness and meditation for ADHD people and has a weekly mindfulness group through ADDA at She also wants a lot of people to look into their own issues they may be having by checking out the psychology of ADHD and unhelpful thinking patterns.

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My book, “Tools for Navigating Neurodivergence” is available on Amazon Kindle, Hardcover, and Paperback. You can find it and all the social media links and more at:

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Stefan Glazer

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