The Road Isn’t Always This Clear

After a few polls on Twitter and Instagram, I found out that my followers online all were on the same page. They all wanted me to do down and dirty Photoshop tutorials. So, in regards to that, I will start recording and uploading them to the currently quiet and somewhat desolate Youtube Channel.

What is on the docket for teaching?

  1. How to remove someone from a photo and clean up the background in less than 5 minutes.
  2. How to properly select a subject, including things like fur, hair, etc without driving yourself insane.
  3. Face Swapping, and other appendage swapping, swapping and blending in general.
  4. Using custom brushes to create really cool effects (smoke brushes ALL THE SMOKE BRUSHES).
  5. And much more (I always wanted to say that!)

Go subscribe to that Youtube Channel as it will be getting frequent updates. And beyond that, you can watch some of my Twitch livestream rebroadcasts there as well. Like when I figured out how to use Gel Lights.