Frustration in what you love doing

I will warn you, this is a rant.

The world of photography is a beautiful place. There are tons of amazing things to shoot, to capture, to show the world what they might not have seen.

This, is where the problems lies. With how the world is today, digitally connected, instantaneously tethered to each other, we seem to lose the real beauty of the art. There are a billion people sharing billions of photos a day online.

No one ever sees what you’re trying to share with the world.

We are in a constant hunt for likes and shares. That is just how our society evolved lately. That is what has been frustrating me lately. I feel like we don’t connect on the same level that we once had. People will appreciate your photos on their tiny screens, not taking the time to sit back and let the movement of the lines, the shadows, the light, the colors, everything, envelope you to their fullest.

We’ve become accustom to the instant gratification that the internet has brought us. Ironic really, since that is the medium I choose to talk about this frustration.

I’m not saying my work is top tier and worthy of millions of eyes upon it. I’m just saying that it would be nice if people looked and appreciated the art of photography a little more than just a single like and then scroll on.

I feel like I’ve been lost in the weeds for a while now with my photography, what I love doing is very niche, but it’s what I love. I understand if people don’t care for it, but when people do notice it, it feels good to hear a, “This is striking” or “I love the lines drawing me to the focal point” or hell, even a “nice pic *random emoji*” is good once in a while.

I feel myself doing it too, I fall trap to the same thing. I just scroll and like as I see them on my feed, I don’t take time to get lost in the pictures posted, I just tap and scroll. I feel horrible for it.

I really do need to step back and rethink how I’m doing this. It’s not about getting likes, it’s about sharing my art with the world and hoping that people appreciate it or at least acknowledge it. Which seems so petty.

What can I do about it? I can disconnect from my Photography instagram more, I spend too much time on there doing nothing. I really need to get back to going to see art, with an open mind and heart.

We all need to appreciate the art more, because without the art of the shot, it’s all just family vacation photos that no one cares about.

So I guess this rant is turning more into a challenge, to go out and appreciate more art.

Go create, go absorb, go love the art around you. If you know an artist, ask what they might be working on.

We need more art in this world.

Obligatory photos down here to give some semblance of art.