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The Pug Headshot Project Update

The Pug Headshot Project. It’s my baby. The project to capture pugs in an artistic manner and get them into coffee table photography book.

I wanted a way to showcase my signature work with pugs, get people who love pugs, and dogs in general (including those who adore Philomena the Pug) to have a book they would be proud to have in their home, showing local pugs from all over the State of Georgia, and eventually venturing out to other states and possibly countries.

So, with the list of local pugs growing and growing, I was excited to learn about the desire for people to get their pugs in a high end photo book.

I started talking to publishers of all types.

Some traditional publishers were talking about $20k to $50k for publishing. Especially for a 120+ page high quality photobook.

No, that isn’t what they were offering for my “Publishing Deal”. That was money they want me to pay to get my book created, printed, distributed.

That is a LOT of money, even for a book I want to sell thousands of copies. Even with most Photo Books of the size and caliber I was looking at being around $60 to $80 retail. That had me worried that this dream project would not take off at all.

Then I started looking into Self Publishing and found a few really good self publishing houses.

While I go into detail in the Go Fund Me, I will break down what it’s going to take to get this going.

$3,500 for Publishing

$1,000 for Distribution

$1,200 for Studio Rental / Travel To Puggies

And that doesn’t include my time for doing the photoshoots, editing the photos, laying out the book, creating the cover and the copy for all the pugs, my donations to pug rescue, or anything beyond getting the book published.

So, I am turning to all the friends, family, and pug communities who want to help get this project really moving, and then we can get this book out there.

We can get smiles on the faces of people who love pugs.

Then, with the sales of these books, we can get pugs new homes and out of dangerous and horrible situations by helping Pug Rescues.

So when it comes to the book being released, a portion of the proceeds will go to pug rescue, and a portion goes to setting up for a new book, and a portion goes to me.

That portion that goes to me though, really just goes to Phil and Penny, more snacks, clothes, beds, etc. I don’t really get any proceeds in the end really, it’s all goes to pugs somehow! (That’s the life of a Pug Parent).

Please feel free to share the link with other friends, family and in groups that want to help pugs!

Now, while you think of who you are going to send this to, enjoy Philomena and Penny doing what they love doing most. Snuggling.

Stefan Glazer the Professional Amateur
Stefan Glazer the Professional Amateur

Photographer, Artist, Pug Dad, Podcast Host, Teacher, Friend

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