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No, I don’t do weddings

I have been an artist since I was a little kid. I dove deep on different types of mediums, print making, painting, sketching, crafting, computer aided, and of course photography. I think the progress I’ve made over the years in finding my love of photography is great, but it’s frustrating when you say that you’re a Photographer, and the first thing people say is, “Oh you shoot weddings?”

I always try to stop myself from making a face before I say, “Oh no… I don’t do weddings”.

Then they ask, “Oh, so you do family portraits? Newborn work?”.

I stop them in their tracks and generally lay it out, “I do Pet Photography and Fine Art Photography… and sometimes I mix the two”

Art is Subjective, but it’s still Art.

This gets them questioning everything that I’ve done, how much it pays, how could I pursue something like that, etc.

The hardest thing to do to someone is explain your artwork to someone without showing it to them. The worst thing I can do is show them on my phone. However, it’s generally what we have available to look. However, it’s not the method of choice to really show photography.

It’s really meant to be seen in print.

That is part of the reason why I started printing portfolio books to showcase my art in print. It is a game changer in letting people see your work, to let them hold it in their hand, to not have them stare at your giant print with their eyes directly upon the paper and not on a tiny electronic rectangle.

Don’t get me wrong, phones and computers are super important in connecting with others and such, but if I want people to connect with my art, they need to have that feeling of it being in their hands and seeing the details in person. It’s tactile and beautiful.

So, little by little I have put together all of my work to my online gallery on Shootproof to be able to print:

I have hundreds of shots I’ve done that are beautiful in their own right, however, they are also there to get printed and more importantly, get printed in gallery quality. I also have some multiple series of photos of same subjects to really give people an option of owning a piece of unique art, created by me.

I will pull the introduction from the gallery and put it here, for those who don’t venture over to see. I want to literally put it here so you can read and understand the work I have done, am doing, and is available.

This is the home of my fine art photography that is for sale. Where you can get incredibly high quality prints through Miller’s of my work, printed and mailed directly to you.

In this Gallery that is ever growing of my artwork.  We have 4 Galleries with sub folders within:

The Galleries Currently

The Hidden World

This is a series of Macro photography, the hidden world around us is beautiful and intricate.  We miss it constantly. These shots are from 2014-Present

The Food, is some up close and personal viewing of food.  The Holidays, I tend to love the lights and get up close and personal in this winter wonderland.  The Man-Made, is where the man made creates hide, odd things. The Mundane, is my favorite place, because it’s the weird things you might have laying around the house and are constantly passing by, but can be so visually stunning.  The Natural, I dive into nature to show the beauty close up.

The Sub Galleries of the Main “The Hidden World” gallery

The Landscapes

These are my Landscape Works from 2015 to Present.  This includes a lot of the Southwest.  I break it into Mountains and FieldsPeople and Places, and The Waterways

The Landscape Sub Galleries

The Night Moves

These photos are my long exposure works.  Painted in Light is my series of photos done with light painting.  Traffic Night Lights is my long exposure work surrounding traffic. 

The Night Moves has some of my favorite work, there is more coming for this gallery for sure

The Pugs

These are a little self indulgent, however, what is in this Gallery are The Phil which is a gallery of Philomena the Pug who is the catalyst for me becoming a professional photographer and because of her, I became published in a few magazines for shots I had done of her.  The Penny is a gallery of my second pug we had adopted in 2019, the kinder and sweeter Penelope, who is polar opposite of Philomena. The Sisters, are shots where I had them together, being the models they are, creating images that are adored by tens of thousands of people on their Instagram account.  And, last, but not least. The Others, which will have all the Pug friends we’ve made along the way (hundreds), but Currently, Pug Friend #1 Matilda is the star of that show.

The Pugs… you knew there was going to be a pug one right?

Discount for Newsletter Subscribers

I do have a signup for a coupon code to get 33% off all purchases in this gallery… forever.

I will give you personal updates on my projects, books, course launches and updates, and general goings on.  I don’t spam, because I hate spam.  And, more importantly, you’re helping a small business owner and local artist! Kind of cool right?

Just to recap with what is going on:

I have a lot of news coming. This week is a great way to announce everything, and also to do a few other things.

Let me put some bullet points to what I’m throwing out into the world this week:

1. My Photography Art, Fine Art, Pug Work, Landscapes, and EVERYTHING, is up and for sale. I have toyed with the idea of putting all of my art up, with several looks for certain pieces, and have all of them available for print. And not just printing on paper (though that’s an option…), but Having Miller’s Professional Imaging handle all the printing of these pieces, so you can get them in a range from paper, fine art paper, metal, canvas, and more. And if you sign up for my newsletter through this link you get 33% off every single print ever you order through here. (If you’re already signed up, you’re going to get an email soon about that discount, so don’t worry!)

Plus if you have requests for a piece I’ve done that isn’t up there, I can get it there!

If that wasn’t a huge enough announcement, well

2. I finished and published Philomena the Pug’s 2023 Calendar! Phil and Penny have a Calendar this year and until December 2nd, it’s 20% off on all sizes and digital download. So, you have 3 sizes to choose from and a host of different bindings. So, act fast on this one!

I know, huge… so huge. But, WAIT, there’s more! (always more)

3. The Pug Headshot Project. It’s gone into GoFundMe to get funded. Obviously. However, it’s there to cover the costs of putting together, shooting, publishing, distributing, and marketing a book of Pug Headshots for the world to enjoy and to help local Pug Rescue! It’s a labor of love, but some of that labor need funding!

Ok, that surely is it right?

Not entirely!

4, 5, and 6:

brown and black wooden chairs inside room
Photo by Pixabay on

The Pet Photography Course is rounding the corner and just the lessons have to be recorded, the live stream dates set, and launching is imminent.

overhead shot of a cellphone between a mug and headphones
Photo by cottonbro studio on

The Podcast is opening up to guests again, so if you want to tell the story of your passion and talk about your journey, contact me here, there or anywhere.

The Podcast is Video only now!

Livestreaming will make a return, probably not on Twitch since that place is meh for Photography and Editing streams, but more will come, info forthcoming. But it will focus just on Photography and Editing.

I am excited for what is to come and excited to share this all with you.

Stefan Glazer the Professional Amateur
Stefan Glazer the Professional Amateur

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