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Pet Photography: More than photos

If you love animals and photography, then you might enjoy pet photography as a hobby or even a career. Pet photography is so fun because you get to capture the unique personalities and expressions of different pets, from dogs and cats to birds and reptiles.

You also get to interact with them and their owners, and create a bond that makes the photoshoot more enjoyable and easygoing

The Pet Legacy

Taking portraits of pets gives people something to cherish forever, even long after their pets are gone. Pets are part of our families, and we want to remember them in their best moments. A portrait can capture their essence and beauty, and remind us of the love and joy they brought to our lives. A portrait can also be a way of honoring their memory and celebrating their legacy.

Pet photography is not only fun, but also rewarding. You can make people happy by giving them a lasting memento of their furry friends. You can also help animals in need by donating your services to shelters or rescue groups. You can make a difference in the lives of both pets and people with your camera.

The quick tips

  • Use natural light as much as possible. Avoid using flash, as it can scare or annoy the animals, and create harsh shadows or red eyes. Natural light is more flattering and creates a softer mood.
  • Be patient and flexible. Pets are not always cooperative or predictable, so you need to be ready for anything. Don’t force them to pose or do something they don’t want to do. Let them be themselves and capture their candid moments.
  • Use treats and toys to get their attention and reward them. You can also use noises or gestures to make them look at the camera or tilt their head. Be careful not to overdo it, as they might get bored or distracted.
  • Experiment with different angles and perspectives. Try shooting from their eye level or lower, to create a more intimate and engaging portrait. You can also try shooting from above or behind, to show their size or shape.
  • Have fun and be creative. Pet photography is a chance to express your artistic vision and showcase your style. You can use props, backgrounds, costumes, or filters to add some flair and personality to your portraits. You can also try different genres or themes, such as action, humor, or fantasy.

My Course

Pet photography is a wonderful way to combine your passions and talents. It is so fun and fulfilling that you might never want to stop. So grab your camera and your furry friends, and start snapping away!

Be sure to sign up for my Pet Photography Course! 

Learn Pet Photography the Professional Amateur Way

Do you love taking photos of your pets? Do you want to learn how to take professional-looking photos that will capture their unique personalities? If so, then you won’t want to miss my upcoming pet photography course!

In this course, I will teach you everything you need to know about taking amazing pet photos, including:

  • How to set up your shots
  • How to use natural and artificial light
  • How to pose your pets
  • How to decide on your theme
  • How to work with pets of all sizes and shapes
  • How to understand animal behavior

I will also be hosting a series of live streams to go over a small mini course to get you started, a live photoshoot with the pugs, and a Q&A session to answer all your questions about Pet Photography!

The Course is currently live! If you are impatient or don’t care about live streams and Q&As and just want to get right to learning you can do so here:

Stefan Glazer the Professional Amateur
Stefan Glazer the Professional Amateur

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