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Live Photography Q&A

Every Tuesday and Thursday I will be doing a Facebook Live Q&A for Photography!

What the heck is a Live Photography Q&A?

Learn how to take more than just a photo.

Do you love taking photos of your pets?
Do you want to learn how to take professional-looking photos that will capture their unique personalities?

If so, then you won’t want to miss my upcoming pet photography course!

In this course, I will teach you everything you need to know about taking amazing pet photos, including:

How to set up your shots
How to use natural and artificial light
How to pose your pets
How to decide on your theme
How to work with pets of all sizes and shapes
How to understand animal behavior

I will also be hosting a series of live streams to go over a small mini course to get you started, a live photoshoot with the pugs, and a Q&A session to answer all your questions about Pet Photography!

The Course is currently live! If you are impatient or don’t care about live streams and Q&As and just want to get right to learning you can do so here:

I can’t wait to help you take amazing photos of your furry friends!PS: If you DO wait for the live streams, there will be giveaways for free coaching sessions with me, discounts on courses, and other goodies! So, stay tuned for the future emails.

Currently, the Live Schedule as Follows.

Tuesdays and Thursdays will be Q&A Days
Last Wednesday of the Month will be a live photoshoot
With a free mini lesson every other Monday!

So, currently for the Month of May:

Tuesday May 23rd at 3pm EST – The Q&A!
Thursday May 25th at 3pm EST – The Q&A!

Monday May 29th at 3pm EST – The Mini Course!
Tuesday May 30th at 3pm EST – The Q&A!
Wednesday May 31st at 3pm EST – The Live Photoshoot!

Where to Catch The Stream

The Live Events will be on Facebook. They will be shared across all of my pages including:

This way you can be sure to catch it no matter where you follow.
I will host the recordings of these live events on my SNG Design Co Digital page incase you miss it or want to re-watch!
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