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Pet Photography – A Pug’s Life

Some people have pets.  Some, have superstars.

If you went back in time, to the year 2000, with me going off to college for Graphic Design and told me, “You will be a professional photographer, who takes photos of your pug for 10s of thousands of people to enjoy every day on Instagram!” I would have laughed at you.  Then I would has asked, “What the hell is Instagram?”

We fast forward to today, where Philomena is a central part of our life, not just because of her Sassy Pug antics, but, her social media presence is continually growing.  And whether it was the plan or not in my life, pet photography is the core of what I do.

I really love doing the fun setups for her. And here is what I have learned being a pet photographer:

  1. People love pets, but people REALLY love well put together pet photos.
  2. Just because you spend a lot of time taking photos of your dog, it doesn’t mean that your photography skills ever fall to the wayside, it means you’ll learn new techniques and hone them to an edge!
  3. Good pet photos can lead to landing human photo jobs

So, while I feel like it wasn’t what I could have even fathomed of doing 20 years ago. It’s what I do now.  And I love it.

Bonus, your Model friends decide to imitate your pug like @AtomBombBody has:



Stefan Glazer
Stefan Glazer

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