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Imaging USA 2019 – A Photographers Playground

The Canon booth had a Live Model almost all day long to test gear on and to test shots with.

I was lucky enough to get invited to this year’s Imaging USA in Atlanta for free. Now, I was only privy to the Expo itself and wasn’t able to partake in any of the classes, but I can tell you this. Next year, in Nashville, that will change completely.

Off The Chain

Now, how can I describe this wonderful event? Easy, it truly is a Photographer Playground. No matter the type of photographer you are, it’s a huge event that has a little bit of everything for every facet of photography.

The Canon Stage was packed with live demonstrations all day every day!

You can spend days there, going to classes, watching demonstrations, walking the floor of the convention, and most importantly, networking with other producers and photographers.

Peter Hurley Getting His Shabang On!!

There is so much there to do and buy there. Hundreds of vendors to go. If you are really a photographer of any caliber, or even if you’re just starting out. Do yourself a favor, and get to the expo. Get an all access pass for the week, and just soak in all the knowledge. You won’t regret it.

I have some photos of the event I took with my phone, this place is just a treasure trove!

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