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Becoming a Better Photographer for Free

Do you want to be a better photographer? I’m asking you that, right now, right here.

Do you? How about for Free? Do you like Free?

Because I decided to put together a free mini E-Book that will help everyone become a better photographer with what I know and what you might already have.

I’ve been doing a lot of trial and error photoshoots over the last decade. Learning the hard way, buying accessories, gear, and more; only to find out, “I didn’t need any of that” or “Oh… I could have done this myself”.

So, I decided to take some of my favorite tidbits of information, slap it all together in an e-book, and call it:

“5 Easy Steps to Becoming a Better Pet Photographer”

Which, of course, it will help you become a better REGULAR Photographer too. I just use these tips to create some of the best Pet Photos I’ve done and do.

And, I’m giving it away for free.


The best price!

I’m doing this for free because I want people to be on their way to becoming better photographers.

You simply go sign up, you’ll get an email with a shiny button that says download (or a text link if you can’t see buttons in your email), and then you have knowledge.

Pure and simple.

Knowledge sprinkled with my sometimes wry, sometimes dry, sometime silly sense of humor.

Bottom line is, I want to help you become a better photographer, and if you’re really into Pet Photography, this is a starting block for you into upcoming freebies I will have, and eventually a live shoot photoshoot and Q&A session, and a full on course specifically geared toward Pet Photography.

So head over to the sign up page sign up for the free E-Book, and get updates in the future on when I release new freebies, have webinars, do an online photoshoot, or release a course!

(If you have made it this far, this photo of Philomena actually uses things discussed in Tips 4 and 5 in the e-book, again go sign up )

Stefan Glazer
Stefan Glazer

Author, Photographer, Artist, Pug Dad, Podcast Host, Teacher, Friend

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