A Time Lapse video – With Pugs

I had thought of doing a few things since being stuck in the house with this pandemic going on. So I have taken up Streaming again, and you can catch it randomly on Twitch.tv. While I have not had a steady schedule, if you do follow me there and get notifications, you’ll be notified via mail when I do go live. I have focused on just editing and doing live photo shoots.

That being said, I had the idea to try out some Time Lapse Video of the entire shoot and editing session. So I compressed roughly 3 hours of shooting, talking, editing, and playing around into a 3 minute video.

My streams are generally full of adult content, so, if you do decide to follow me in my streaming journey again, be warned, the language is harsh, but that is ok, we’re all adults here.

As for the video, here is the time lapse of the stream. I may do more of these Time Lapse Videos for other streams I have.

Fast, Silly, and a little Weird.

And some of the results of the photoshoot: