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Zoomballs: Learning to play with your balls for the sake of art.

My wife had purchased a set of Zoomballs for me. And I had always wanted a set to try new ideas for portraits and landscapes.

Well, eventually, I can go out and do some landscape shots with these. But, trying sheltered in place times, I decided to do something simple. A portrait of my guitar.

And then, we learned about balls.

These balls are magnificent to create with. I’ll post some examples below.

My favorite shot of the night.

Do you want to see how I came to this? Here is a recap of a live stream I have done. Now, I want to warn you, there is a lot of crude humor and foul language, because, when I do these sorts of streams, it’s for friends and we tend to get silly.

Watch Highlight: Live Photo Shoot: of me playing with my balls. from Ghengis317 on

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Stefan Glazer the Professional Amateur

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