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A casting call for Pugs! For Charity and more.

To ask about pugs, put a call out for pugs, specifically pugs is something you would expect of me. The psycho Pug Lover and Pug Dad.

I am starting to get funding on a project that is close to my heart, that will express my artistic photography, my love of photographing pugs, my need of rescuing and support pug rescues, and the joy that those pugs all bring to you all.

The project

The whole idea of this post and this idea is layered:


  1. Pugs

Real Reasons

  1. I’ve wanted to bring my photography to the masses, and not just Digitally, because there is nothing like having printed work in your hands in a high quality book
  2. My love of pugs is one thing, my love of photography is another, my love of pug headshots is the perfect marriage of those passions.
  3. I am a board member of the Georgia Peach Pug Rescue. I want to help pugs obviously, so I wanted to not only have this as a means to make an income by having my work be bought by people, but taking proceeds of this book and taking it to the rescues out in the world, starting locally and eventually globally.
  4. I don’t want to do this as a one off book, I will start with what I have, who I know here, and take it all over the globe, doing headshots of pugs for these books and to help those rescues with their fight to rescue more pugs.
  5. Eventually I want to make it a whole collection of photobooks, of different pets, different rescues. I want this project to be the jumping off point into an amazing world of helping animals and showcasing my talent of Pet Headshots.

So why am I looking for funding?

Why not just go to a publisher?

Well, I am, I have, and I will continue to. However, it may not be the way it goes. And I need to put this out in the ether as I get my proposals and submissions together for the larger publishers out. Because, a lot of photographers end up having to self Publish and spending around $5k – $10k getting their books designed, made, and mass produced.

This is a very real reality for me and it will be interesting to see if any of the 20 or so publishers I have written down are open to a Pug Headshot Photo Book.

So, I will refer back to this a few times, but today is the beginning. Today I am putting it out there.

And for right now:

This is a casting call to all puggies who want to be in the book!

Feel free to contact me:

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Stefan Glazer the Professional Amateur
Stefan Glazer the Professional Amateur

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