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Your E-Shop Makeover, It’s not just to make your Etsy Shop pretty

Something I had come across in my journey of building a photography empire is that I have dove in on a lot of different forms of classes, self help, and even just signing up for mailing lists (hey, sign up for mine for 20% off my Etsy shop…). I learned a lot of very VERY important lessons from a lot of great places. Most importantly, I have started implementing them in my shop up at:

This banner… was actually part of the amazing course on doing a makeover for my shop by Angie White

So Angie White actually had a great course in giving your Etsy Account a Makeover. I jumped in, paid the money for it, and started in on it. Then had a week or two away, then came back and am finishing up my Etsy Makeover this week to showcase the important pieces I want to sell and more.

My friend, Angie, has always been into beautiful design. It’s kind of her thing. Both personally and professionally, she’s been creating beautiful things for years. And anyone who knows me, knows I went to school for Graphic Design… and don’t like doing Graphic Design.

She used that design experience to open and grow a successful Etsy shop selling printables and downloadable content.

It dawned on her that “OMG What if Etsy sellers COULD make their shops look beautiful and cohesive without any design experience?”

So… she did that, and made my life 100% easier to create graphics, listings, and more.

Her course, Your E-Shop Makeover, is a phenomenal course filled with templates and tutorials that will fast track you to a cohesive brand.

If you’re dedicated and have the time, you can do it in a SINGLE WEEKEND.

So, there is a TON of great info in this:

How to make your Etsy shop stand out with NO DESIGN EXPERIENCE NEEDED (I needed to Bold this one, because it’s that important)

How to customize Canva templates to create your shop’s branding images, don’t know what Canva is? That’s ok! Download the free version and still be able to use the templates. These are all from her templates.

How to improve your listing images (those templates! so magic)

And a ton of little key tips here and there.

So if you’re ready to transform your Etsy shop, you’re going to absolutely love Your E-Shop Makeover.

But don’t sleep on this course… because if she decides to, she can raise the price… to like a billion dollars if she wants, because it’s that good! (It’s worth it for the templates alone!)

Yes this is an affiliate link. But after this I want to talk a little more about why I even jumped on the chance to be an affiliate for this.


I’ve learned that there are a lot of great things out there. And I’ve learned that a lot of people don’t have the certain fortitude to jump in and go for it on all these different courses, packages and what have you. Now, I’m not Mr. Moneybags (yet, that’s future goals), but when I see these courses and packages, I tend to jump on it.

Before you ask me, “So are you going to post about all of them and show affiliate links to all of them just to make money?”.


And NO

That No is so important. I want to post about all of the amazing content I find that helps me and in turn can help you in different ways.

So NO, there won’t be affiliate links in every post about a service or what have you. There WILL be an affiliate link on products and services that I actually use and enjoy. More importantly, that I found they were actually worth the time, money and effort to use.

So, https://sngdesignco– is one of them.

Not just because of the positive results (EVEN HAVEN’T FINISHED YET) I’ve seen, but Angie herself was kind enough to reach out after I had questions on what to do next. She gave an honest critique, honest feedback, and suggestions to help create even better posts.

So, yes, I support this one completely, because Angie made a quick and easy course to learn about how to make your shop better.

I can’t iterate how great that is, because she made it simple and easy.

I don’t have a rating system nor do I want one, but I will leave you with this.


Stefan Glazer
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