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90 Days to a Goal. Day 4.

I have compiled a decent list of galleries to contact, visit, etc over the next couple weeks. So Day 3’s ideas and list was basically completed. Today I wanted to get some my favorite pieces together for consideration to print large format.

On top of that, it’s time to research something. I need to dive into what people charge for prints. Granted, I am going to look into unknown, yet semi successful in selling, artists.

ETSY is going to be a goal, not just for the prints, but also for the whole photography gamut that I have planned. Besides the main goal of selling my portraits and art, I also want to sell my presets, actions, brushes, and how to books. But that is down the line.

So, today is parsing images. It’s hard to tell the details of a photo on a screen like this. Whether you’re on a phone or on a computer of some sort, the photos will never compare to them in full printed resolution.

Here are some of the shots I’m parsing through right now:

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”21″ gal_title=”Gels”]

There will be a series of the texture style photos as well. But I am going to be busy looking for what will look great in a large format and have the most striking lines and movements.

Until tomorrow. For now, back to the computer for more research.

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