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90 Days to a Goal. Day 3.

Galleries. Day 3 was finding Galleries. ANY type of galleries.

There is quite a bit

If I want my work to get out there, this is one of the avenues to do this. I have so many options out there, but it’s not as simple as giving them a pitch and sending them to an online gallery (though it will be part of it).

I will need to start networking with curators and such. Tomorrow, is time to start emailing and mapping out when and where to go. Even if it means just printing off one 13×19 photos and bringing it with me to their galleries.

No one said this road was going to be easy, and I know on top of my other responsibilities in life right now, this is going to be just an additional thing I need to do. But it will be worth it.

For the shot and series I want to share with galleries and hopefully get paid for, the gels. Possibly something along this line or with the pomegranate. Until the next day and next step.

Stefan Glazer
Stefan Glazer

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