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Tools for Navigating Neurodivergence Kindle PRE-SALE

Today is the day the Kindle Version of the “Tools for Navigating Neurodivergence” goes on Pre-Sale.

I’m really proud of this book and it’s just the first of many to come exploring the world and troubles of being a neurodiverse individual in a neurotypical world. “Tools for Navigating Neurodivergence” lets you into our world and shows you how we have to approach things differently than neurotypical people.

The Idea of the book

I lay out 3 categories of tools, Mental, Physical, and Social tools, that can help those with neurodivergent minds get a better understanding. How to get habits to stick, and how to get the things neurotypical people call “easy” to actually be navigable.

So, if you are on the neurodivergent side of life with Asperger’s, ADHD, Autism, OCD, or any of the other fun neurological wiring. We have and want to get a few tools that helped me through. This book is for you! Written from one neurodiverse to another.

If you know someone who struggles with the small things in life that seem so easy to you. Things like “how can I even get anything done?” or “Meditation? I can’t even have a quiet thought for a split second!”. One of my favorites, “I know how to breathe, but can it really help me calm my mind?”. And of course “Sticky Notes? I have them, but how do I really use them so I don’t forget to… brush my teeth or clean the fridge?”. You will probably want to pick this book up for them.

Maybe your significant other has issues and problems with any of the neurodivergent tendencies and you want to help them through some of these things that you didn’t understand why they aren’t working., because you are trying to make them work like they work for you. (That was a long run on sentence. None of that in the book, I promise).

Bottom Line

You should get this book.

Bottom line, the Amazon Kindle version of “Tools for Navigating Neurodivergence is up for Pre-Sale NOW.

Stefan Glazer
Stefan Glazer

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