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Behind the Scenes – Headshot Photography – With a Pug

This is a behind the scenes look into headshot photography. With my favorite model who I never have to pay with money, just cookies, Philomena the Pug.   This video will basically show you what happens when I set up to do headshots or even portraits. My process and more importantly my love of photography.  Below the video are the finished products.  And of course head over to the gallery to see other photos I’ve done.

Granted this is with my dog, but this can easily be translated into any headshot session. You don’t even need to have all the gear mentioned, the Interfit S1 is really nice, but I’ve seen a lot done with just the 2 Studio Lights, which is completely fine as well! (I’ve used a 2 light setup myself when I didn’t feel like setting my flash up.)

This is something that any beginning photographer can do.

If you have any questions, comments, feel free to send them my way!

Equipment used in this shoot (I will have a review of all this gear up soon):

Canon Mk7dII
Sigma 18mm – 300mm  
Interfit S1 Flash
Interfit S1 TTL Remote for Flash
Impact 28″ Beauty Dish
Impact Air Cushioned Light Stand
Neewer Pro 10×12 Ft Backdrop Stand
Denny Manufacturing 5×8 ft Poly Cloth Backdrop
Neewer 480 LED Studio Lights


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