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The Podcast is still Thriving

This is an odd one, because anyone that follows The Professional Amateur Podcast knows I have a few more episodes than 6.

But what I found really interesting, it only registered the 6 episodes in spotify, and the stats were interesting to say the least.

I had moved hosting to Anchor FM (Which is also owned by Spotify). Because they have Video Hosting for Video Podcasts. So, maybe this had something to do with the stats.

That is 6 Episodes, 437 Minutes of Content for 2022.

However, the fact is… with just 437 minutes of content.

I created more than 72% of the creators in my podcast category.

I did 24 episodes in 2022.

A lot more that 437 Minutes.

What this has shown me is that… I will continue doing what I love and doing what I love doing. Talking to people, talking to people about their passions, and learning about people’s stories and my personal growth on a platform like a podcast.

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Stefan Glazer
Stefan Glazer

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