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Michael Arce

Michael Arce is on the podcast today, a Healthcare Communications Professional who spent a long time in Radio and saw the writing on the wall and got out when he could. He is also a Freemason, and no… it’s not a cult.  No, Tom Hanks isn’t going to dive into their lore and history with Nicholas Cage in a National Treasure / Da Vinci Code crossover movie.  You will get to know what it’s like, what they do, and that isn’t not even that secret.  It’s not even secretive at all!

We caught up on a lot of things we’ve been a part of over the years together, and where we went with the knowledge we gained from our world in Radio.

Michael Arce is also Host of the Craftsmen Online Podcast – which, even for a non-member, is a host of really in depth and interesting Masonic Education, Leadership Development, and History of Freemasonry.

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Instagram – @michael_arce

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