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Podcast Cover for Navigating Neurodivergence with Stefan Glazer

Bree Mills

A BONUS EPISODE This year! Bree Mills is here, and it is late to be published!

Be sure to check out for links to everything she does and did and will do!

ALSO, if you haven’t followed her on instagram yet, FOR SHAME… no just kidding, shame is gross.

Be sure to check the summary below.

Bree emphasizes the importance of using humor to connect with the neurodivergent community and finding support. She also provides insights into navigating Instagram and building an audience. 
They also talk about the challenges of self-promotion and the difficulty of summarizing themselves and their skills. Bree shares her work as an ADHD advocate and social media coach, and expresses her desire to inspire and help others. Overall, the conversation highlights the importance of being true to oneself and finding strategies that work for individual neurodivergent experiences.

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