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*YAWNS* Wait, what time is it?

It seems like I had overslept in terms of activity on this blog. I had an excuse for August, but I didn’t even post a single thing in July.

So here we are, it’s September, and a lot has happened and a lot is happening. It will be good for everyone, and great for lovers of art, and those that crave information and stories from people you might not know but will have some stories to tell.

What does that really mean for you all? It means that content will be coming again, in at least some form.

Be it a small blog like this, or a well thought out post, or a video, or… a podcast.

Look for more to come.

Accept this photo as a token of apology.

Stefan Glazer
Stefan Glazer

Author, Photographer, Artist, Pug Dad, Podcast Host, Teacher, Friend

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