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I’ve been going along with this mantra for ages. And the continuation of it being “… and it’s all small stuff.” has been a staple as well. It is all small stuff, I’m pretty sure of that now after 41 years on this earth. The problem I have, is I sweat all the time. Physically sweat, so, internally I always feel like I’m sweating all the stuff, big and small.

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I don’t let that get me down these days though. I understand that the idea behind the insignificance of the annoyances of day to day life are just that. They are insignificant and annoying. Instead of piling on how frustrating it was to deal with soandso or how incredibly horrible (insert city here)’s drivers are, I just take a deep breath and let it all out.

While I might not be on a Peloton bike 24/7 like my wife is (exaggeration… kind of, but it’s her jam, I love her for it), I do pop on for classes in strength training from time to time. Doing so, I have become fond of something that Matty Maggiacomo says at the end of most workouts he hosts. While stretching and winding down, there is a better mantra than don’t sweat the small stuff to be had.

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Inhale the Good Shit, Exhale the Bullshit

Matty Maggiacomo

Which is just a better Mantra. Combine it with Joey “Coco” Diaz, repeat after me.

Joey Diaz, if you know, you know

Namaste Motherfuckers, Inhale the Good shit, Exhale the Bullshit

Me, I said that, by taking two different people’s things

I think this plays much better to me and my crowd. Who are fully aware of the world we live in, fully open to being completely themselves and authentic. Who truly want to better themselves and those they come in contact with.

So, I think, on this wonderful Monday, sweat or don’t sweat, up to you. (I’m sweating because that’s what I do). And remember that mantra and greeting.

In other news, holy shit is there some news coming up. I will do a quick little run down here and go a little deeper in a future post.

  1. Pug Book – Some updates for October. The preliminary shooting will begin for October! The book will end up being a bit bigger than anticipated, 120+ pages, but it will be so damn beautiful and amazing. The people who had reached out already and are signed up before today… all get their shots done for free! They will have an option to donate to Georgia Peach Pug Rescue and myself, only to help get the book published. Any additional people, will have to do a donation, it won’t be astronomical, but it will go towards getting the book published and towards the Georgia Peach Pug Rescue, I’m still working on the pricing and details. As well as working on a kickstarter plan too. (and no I won’t charge people $200 for the session, that is my rate for private portrait sessions, this will be in the ballpark of $50 for the session… which is a steal)
  2. Pet Photography Course. This is going to be GIANT. I’m working on the free webinar, and 3 tiers of paid courses that include basics with some videos, live shoots, and even a tier that basically has me on retainer for your photography needs for a month. More to come!
  3. Writing and creating for creativity’s sake. Yes, I even got the guitar back out and am looking into getting some electronic drums to record with. I miss creating things for fun, not for money. I learned that with Photography this year, it’s time to learn it with my other creative outlets.
  4. Sacred Geometry. I’ll leave that one for another day.
  5. PODCAST! There is no neglecting it, people are busy! That is ok, I will be recording some self episodes since people love them and sprinkling them around the next few weeks.
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