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Creating a Pet Photography Course

I want to be completely honest, I tried putting together a photography course for free last year and it was not a great time. Have you ever done something, just because you thought you were supposed to do something?

I created a photography course in the hopes of using my knowledge of photography to help others who aren’t photographers or who needed help.

What I actually created was 15 minutes of video that ran over some basic information about the “Holy Trinity of Photography”. ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture.

I didn’t really look at what I was doing as a service to others, to help others, or even to help me pay the bills. It was free, afterall.

The Photography Course Failed

It was a complete failure. I talked about it briefly online and posted a few places. I didn’t advertised the course. You can guess why it didn’t work out.

I didn’t want it to. If I wanted that free course to work, I would have “put boots on the ground”, so to speak. But, I didn’t, because it was just some basic information that I felt was a waste of time.

This is why being open, honest, and vulnerable with yourself and other is important.

I created a photography course that I didn’t want to be bothered with, didn’t care enough to advertise, and most importantly, felt like the course wasn’t important enough to warrant any time or effort to.

I spent a lot of time writing out a script and creating the videos, but, there wasn’t a true feeling of commitment to the free photography course.

Lesson Learned in Online Course Creation

The biggest lesson I learned was…

“Is this what I want to do?”

Yes, I learned to look at my sticky note I created and truly ask myself that question. Teaching photography jargon wasn’t what I wanted to do, I wanted to find ways to help people, to be of service for people.

I wanted to get out of the idea of being a source of information for people.

I wanted to be of service, provide value, and promote growth in people.

So, when I asked myself, “What DO I want to do?“, I looked down and was reminded of what I truly love and what excites me.

Pets and Pet Photography always excite me and always warms my heart. Not just in the photos I’ve been able to create over the years, but, even seeing other people explore this passion of mine excited me.

So, I still wanted to be of service for others! I wanted to actually teach the knowledge that I have in the world of Pet Photography.

An automatic negative thought or two tried to pop up and stop this from happening.

“What gives YOU the authority to teach Pet Photography?”

“This is going to fail just like the previous one, why bother?”

Well, that’s all bullshit. I’ve had many clients, a staggering portfolio of pet portraits, and I’ve been published in multiple publications.

A NEW Photography Course

I started outlining and writing ideas of how I wanted to approach this whole course idea. How would I put out the information needed for Pet Photography in my own way? Also, how would I give people what they need, ideas and pointers, and even pitfalls to avoid.

So, instead of 15 minutes of video of me talking about 3 different subjects of photography. I put together an almost 3 hour course, with slides to show examples, of information about one subject.

Pet Photography.

I even included the old course as a bonus, because a lot of people ask about those things.

I also made it really easy to navigate and had price points for everyone. Even people who just want downloadables like overlays, presets, and an E-Book and nothing of the actual course.

You can even have one on one mentorship with me over the course of two 30 minute zoom calls.

You can take a look and see the whole course in person.

You’re going to be some of the first to see this course. There, you will see a lot more of it as it goes LIVE with a full advertising campaign. I want to be sure that there are amateurs and professionals alike that are able to actually capture pets and all their personality.

After a lot of hard work and editing. I put together something I’m proud of and will help others.

After all that work, it’s time for a nap!

Stefan Glazer
Stefan Glazer

Author, Photographer, Artist, Pug Dad, Podcast Host, Teacher, Friend

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