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Photography Gear to help you become a better photographer quickly

You want to be a better photographer, you don’t want to spend a lot of time. The quick option isn’t always the best option. But, there are some quick avenues to make yourself a better photographer. I’m here to help you.

I want to give you a few gear suggestions to help you on your way to creating better photos and making your life easier in photography.

The Gear

Don’t let people say that gear doesn’t matter. Gear does matter, what matters is the type of gear you use. You don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on photography gear to be better. But you should spend a little money to get the ball rolling on adding polish to your photos.

Three pieces of gear everyone should have with their camera and lenses.

  1. Tripod
  2. Flash
  3. Reflector

It seems simple, but going cheap can be a nightmare, but you don’t want to break the bank, especially if you’re starting out or on a tight budget.

So I will do this for you, not throw a bunch of affiliate links of products that everyone else has put up because they are popular or cheap or trendy.

I will give you a quick overview and a link to the pieces that I have and use, and if you wish to buy them as well, it will help me out.

The Tripod

GO CHEAP. You might think, but I don’t want you to go cheap for this. A cheap tripod will not let you become a better photographer, it will let you become a better balancing and breathing delicately around your camera to make sure it doesn’t wobble and fall over.

In this, I recommend 2 options to get you a stable base for all your shooting that requires it. First, I have what I use currently. The SLIK Pro 700DXQ AMT Tripod with 3-Way Pan & Tilt Head is my baby, I love the head on it, I love the sturdy legs, the action for everything from Photographing Night Scenes to Videography. It’s not cheap, it’s almost $200, and it’s worth every single penny.

However, if you are afraid to take the plunge on a near $200 tripod, you can go down a few levels to the SLIK Pro AL-523DX Aluminum Tripod w/Able 300 3-Way Pan and Tilt Head and get a sturdy tripod that can do a lot of what the 700DX can, but a bit lighter and can’t hold as much weight, but, the most important is that it will give you the stability that a lot of other budget tripods don’t have.

The Flash

No, not the comic character THE FLASH, but the flash to illuminate everything and everyone around you. In this section I will give you the basic, there is no other side option. However, there are different brands of cameras and you need to make sure it’s compatible with yours.

What you will have here are all the Neewer NW655 series Speedlites.

Canon’s Version:

Nikon’s Version:

Sony’s Version:

The Reflector

This section is going to be straightforward and to the point. The Neewer 5 in 1 Multi Reflector Diffuser Kit is where it’s at to make sure that you can get all the different types of light reflection, absorption, deflection, and diffusion. These will help you become a better photographer through playing around with tools.

The Conclusion

In the long run, spending a couple hundred dollars isn’t that much of an issue to get stability, lighting, and being able to use that light in ways to make every photo stunningly beautiful. In the future, I will show you how we can put these pieces of gear to work for you in creating fantastic photos.

Stefan Glazer
Stefan Glazer

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