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Frustrated by Dreamhost, not being able bring you content.

I had been getting on a real roll at the beginning of the month with getting content out to people on all fronts. However, a couple weeks ago, my website host Dreamhost, literally shit the bed. I’ve been on their shared hosting for over a decade. It’s never given me an issue, even on my other sites that had garnered more traffic, then it was this recent set of issues, where I had a lot of traffic due to a good blog post, it all seemed to come to a head as if it was my site that was the issue.

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I had jumped through 100 hoops with my host, trashed my website (it looks nothing like before), stripped off my plugins to make my life easier for creating content… and found out after a almost 2 weeks.

That it was their fault and nothing to do with my issues. It was noted as of July 24th when it started happening around July 11th.

It’s still an issue.

I still have a lot of problems.

I want to go forward and just put as much together and hopefully schedule it and post it. Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t. I do know my advertising revenue from google is down to 0, which is really great when you’re trying to make a living from creating content.

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So, hopefully things get resolved, and more regular content will be coming.

Stefan Glazer
Stefan Glazer

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