Don’t shoot fireworks… unless you really shoot fireworks.

It’s July. That means people are getting ready to take photos and videos of fireworks that no one will watch or look at ever.

Sorry, this is a cold hard truth.

So, this is an important statement for you to learn. Don’t Shoot Fireworks, Unless You REALLY Shoot Fireworks.

What do I mean by that?

No one wants to see blurry weird night photos or videos of your neighborhood’s half assed firework display.

If you are going out to take photos of fireworks, make it worth your time and effort, and make it into something beautiful.

It will be the difference between having a shot that looks like this:

Image result for bad fireworks photos
Image credit Youtube

And something well thought out and done like this:

Image result for amazing fireworks photos
Photo credit: Caters/Makoto Igari