Consistency is Key

Consistency is key, that is what I’ve learned. That is what I fail at.

We all have our faults, we all have our little shortcomings, and we all seem to be blind to them until someone else points them out.

That is when it cuts like a knife.

But, sometimes, it’s ok to get cut like that. It opens your eyes to the issues you have and gives you an opportunity to correct them.

I’ve noticed that my fault is not being consistent at everything I do.  That seems like a broad generalization of my shortcoming, but it isn’t. I am literally inconsistent at everything.

I love to cook and I love to experiment in cooking. I might come up with some great dish that tastes amazing and looks pretty good.  This could be a dinner entree, a dessert, or even just some pancakes. I never write down what I do, I just wing it on what might taste good together, and it works.  Then I try to make it again, and I might have forgotten a step or an ingredient, or use too much of one or too little of another. Making the result rather disappointing. 

Even this blog has become prey to my inconsistencies.  It’s been a struggle really, I know it only takes me 20 or 30 minutes to put together a quick post with tags, photos, and other pieces of information that make a post at least appealing to look at. But some days I just neglect it…


Some weeks I neglect it.

I know there are a ton of other things that I do with my time that if I just cut an hour a day out, I could literally write about anything. 

This blog isn’t just about how to become a professional amateur, this is a blog about how I became and what I’m doing to stay a professional amateur.  

That means I can literally write for 30 minutes every day on what I did or what I’m planning or what I dream of doing in photography, and it could be a post. 

I know that Consistency is Key.

It’s time to get consistent.