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Words of Wisdom, From Instagram

Through instagram, *cough cough*, I’ve made a ton of insta-friends with other photographers and models throughout the country. Some I do some retouching work for, some I just admire their work, and others, well, others I seek wisdom and knowledge from the veterans.

One of my favorites is Scott Rust, AKA Rusty Pants. Check out his site, and of course his instagram His model and portrait art on Film is second to none. He does some amazing nude photography with a lot of different models, and captures light, tone, and emotion right every time.

Our chats are always colorful, insightful, and most importantly to me, chock full of wisdom and humor.

On talking about doing dog photography and why it was more popular than nude model photography;

“People are stupid, but doggo pics are safe. No one can get upset seeing a naked dog.”

It’s so true, people love my dog photos, but his art is so damn beautiful. Since it contains nudity, it gets shunned by half the population, and that isn’t fair.

Here is one of my favorite shots that Rusty has done:

Another great photographer who is literally blowing up all over and was just featured in Vogue Italia is

This guy has it, if you don’t know what it is, then let me show you one of my favorite shots of his as well.

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His words of wisdom in our few conversations that we had were simple:

“Don’t ever sell yourself shot, every accomplishment is worthy to be praised”

This was when I found out I was going to have photos published in Atlanta Pet Life Magazine. Which they posted one on Instagram, and of course had more printed in their quarterly magazine.

So, my words of wisdom to you all.

Don’t ever give up, if you have a goal as a photographer, everything you do should be working toward that goal. I wanted to get published and sell some of my art this year. So far I have been published twice, and now I’m working on getting artwork sold. Incase you forgot, the gallery is here :

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