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Who wants to learn Photography from me. FOR FREE!?

I know how crazy that sounds. Me? Teach YOU? Hear me out! I realized something about my love of photography and my ability to explain how to do things in a sometimes funny, and direct manner without jargon and nonsense.

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The real reason behind me starting to put together online courses for photography was two fold.

  1. I have decades of photography, photo editing, and photo manipulation experience to give
  2. I have shortcuts, not just like “I know how to use shortcuts in photoshop” shortcuts. Like save you a few grand to get a shot you want without spending on insane equipment. Or save you so much time by just doing something a little different and un-orthadox.

So, what am I going to be teaching?

Oh man, I have a living list of what I’m doing, but here are some top tier topics I will be covering, and under them, will be many lessons diving into smaller niche topics within the big topics.

  • Getting to know your camera
  • Lenses
  • Types of Photography
  • Accessories
  • Lighting
  • Editing
  • Publishing
  • Printing
  • Contracts for Professionals
  • Location Scouting
  • Night Photography
  • Astro Photograhy

The Free Course? What does THAT have?

selective focus photography of dslr camera parts
I really love stock photography, because I don’t have to shoot and edit it Photo by Alex Andrews on

I will keep it simple and light and go over the “Holy Trinity”.

Shutter Speed

You know, it’s boring normally. Or completely BAFFLING.

I’m going to make it easy for you to understand it and more importantly, I’m going to make it so you can actually use it easily.

So, go sign up!

Stefan Glazer
Stefan Glazer

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