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The very real side of being a small business owner in a niche

I’m a Photographer. I’m a Fine Art Photographer. I’m a Pet Portrait Photographer. I could go on with all of the titles that I can have, however, what I have problems showing people is that I am here to help other photographers who are just starting out or going forward in their new career of being a Photographer.

Having a niche is good, knowing who and what you want to do with your skills is actually a huge step in the right direction. I had talked about my “Photography Empire” and what I want to do to help other photographers. It seems widespread, but it’s really a niche. While I know I can help veteran and other professional photographers with my work, I am really focusing on people who are starting to take photography seriously or even if they are looking at taking photography to a place where they get paid for their work.

That is the very real side, I have a target to talk to and go to. I have products, services, and more that are geared towards that target audience. That’s what a lot of people don’t seem to have, they want to be a professional in some sort of niche or even a broader profession. However, they don’t know how to make their services available and accessible for them. They also don’t even know how or where to find these people to talk and sell to.

It’s something I struggled with continuously over the past few years, the “Who and What” am I doing.

I just want to make it loud and clear, before you get into business…


I just wanted that to be loud and bold for you to remember. It’s so important, and once you start down that path with those 2 things in your arsenal, you will already be 10 steps ahead of the game.

If you already know this, and are already running a successful business, then more power to you! I’m happy you did, that isn’t sarcasm either, this is something I want all small business owners to get on.

With all that being said, I will get to doing what I should be doing every single post, plugging my wares.

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Stefan Glazer the Professional Amateur

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