The Undertaking of Revamping Yourself

Photography is a weird profession. Sure, there are a million facets of this one activity. You can be a wedding photographer, a portrait photographer, a sports photographer, and a million other niches that you could fall into.

So when you find your niche, you get excited about what you can do.

What do I want to do? I want to sell prints of my macro art and sell digital files of how-to’s and presets and actions.

That seems easy, but it’s not.

This is a frustration I didn’t know existed. All I wanted to do is set up my site as a gallery where you can purchase said prints, digital files, etc. What I’ve run into is this;

  1. Plugins that cost 100s of dollars a year.
  2. Services that have huge fees and monthly charges.
  3. Frustrating integration with sites that look good and function well
  4. And most importantly, if I find the balance of everything, the pricetag is through the roof.

I don’t know what to do right now to be honest. The suggestions from all the internet jockeys out there, all the self help books I’ve read and listened to, all the blogs I have browsed about getting a side hustle off the ground like this. All of them say to just do it.

So I am trying to.

I guess I will try to use a third party service. I don’t want to use Etsy right now, I want to use something that I can have locally on my server/domain. I want to drive traffic to it, I want to not rely on someone else’s basket to put some of my eggs in.

So, what does that leave me?

WooCommerce is an option, or is it?



There are too many things out there. I’ll report back with more in depth later.

For now, the hunt of compiling data continues.