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Social Networking for Photographers looking to get Creative with Shapr

This is something that is really frustrating.  You move to a new area and you want to find other photographers, models, or other creative people to get with and create new and crazy things.

Facebook, is a grandma graveyard.

LinkedIn? No… just no, that’s great if you want to find work for other businesses, but not a creative playground.

Instagram is a place where porn bots and no one who lives within 100 miles of you will love your work.

There are a bunch of pay sites out there that want you to pay money to get jobs, but I don’t want jobs per se. I actually want to meet other creative people, I want to make friendships with similar minded people who might like photography, or if they are a model, or maybe even if they love creating art.  I want to meet those people, because, like most people, I don’t have time to go out to every event, art center, place and talk to people.

I’ve only found one place so far that is free, kind of, mostly.  Shapr.  It’s Like Tinder, but instead of skeezy people who want to “date” you, these are professionals who want to collaborate or work or create with other creative professionals!

Try it out.  I’ve made 1 friend and had 2 photoshoots from this app.  I can’t believe it actually works, and you can actually use it for free as well.  Well free enough.

Stefan Glazer
Stefan Glazer

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