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Seamless Seems Less

By now, you probably have noticed that I’m more of a nature, candid, real world photographer, getting texture and natural objects in frame for shots. However, sometimes you want a seamless solid color background, without texture (blech) for a portrait, product, or pet shot.

So, I started on a journey to find a great way to do this, cheaply, and without getting screwed over by the thousands of manufacturers across the world who sell “Seamless Solid Color Backgrounds” in a multitude of colors, materials and sizes.

And now, I have a headache and need a stiff drink.

This has been a test of patience.

You can search up and down the internet to find seamless backdrops, but good luck in finding what you actually want for a decent price.

I thought Vinyl was going to be the path that would bring the cheapest backdrops, that will in turn get you what you need.

That’s the wrong path. Unless you know the manufacturer is going to be cutting and rolling up the backdrop before they ship it to you, you’re going to get a 5’x7′ Vinyl backdrop that will be folded up into an almost pocket sized square and have so many deep creases that you won’t be able to do anything about them. Complete waste of money, even if they are only 8 to 15 bucks a piece.

Some outlets have Muslin, if I were shooting people and not a dog for these, that could be a good choice, they are cheap, durable, and if they do get ruined paying 15 – 25 per 5’x7′ isn’t so bad.

Then Paper… it seems to be the only real way to go, but it’s soooooo expensive. I’m still contemplating this one, I will have to report on what happens when I order them.

I honestly don’t know what the purpose of this was. I think I just needed to get this frustration off my chest.

Stefan Glazer
Stefan Glazer

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