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Looking In and Looking Forward

There has been a lot of introspective time lately. You’d be surprised how much of that I’ve been doing. It’s almost been, all consuming. But, it’s been so important for me to do.

You might have noticed that amount of fine art photography I’ve been doing. It felt really good, like, really good. I was giving the world my perspective on the world around me. I even had a book made of some of my favorite shots on my journeys in photography.

Texture, Movement, Color

I love doing that type of photography, it’s a good solitary experience. A way to achieve Tabula Rasa, the proverbial clean slate. I will never stop doing that. But, I will stop pushing it on the world.

More Texture, More Movement, More Color

I’ve contemplated what to do, and how to maintain my art and also do something I started to forget about over time, and that is be a Pet Photographer.


Sure, everyone sees my Pug on Instagram and they know that it’s my photography. But, people don’t seem to know they can hire me to make amazing portraits of their dogs and cats and pets in general.

So, I’ve been planning, plotting, and scheming. I may begin archiving my Instagram account and start refocusing on what has brought me the most joy, pet photography. And take my artsy fartsy stuff over to my personal Instagram.

I have been slowly rebuilding my actual Photography site to be a contact and portfolio site for my Pet Photography. I even have a preliminary site up with Adobe Spark that I will bring over to my actual SNG Photography site soon.

SNG Photography

But, that will come in time. I’m putting together social media campaigns, advertising, and more.

I will be going to a lot of local businesses that I already have rapport with because of my pug Philomena. I will become a top tier Pet Photographer in Georgia.

That’s what has been going on in my life.

Expect more in the future here, talking about this endeavor and more to come on the upcoming The Professional Amateur Podcast. (Yeah last second knowledge bomb for that).

But most importantly. Pugs.

Stefan Glazer the Professional Amateur
Stefan Glazer the Professional Amateur

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