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Kid with a rad shirt and tie and lens flare

Lens Flares, I might not like them, but they aren’t bad.

It used to be a running joke in the photo editing community. “LENS FLARE FOR QUALITY” and other dumb memes from the 00s. However, when done properly, people noticed that a subtle or even stronger lens flare could bring a nice accent or more powerful feeling.

That kid is back on the escalator again, just joking, it's the kid with a tie and a lensflare before and after
Seriously, look at how crazy it makes your photos!

And… honestly, I agree. I actually put together a bundle of some of my favorite lens flares I’ve created, from insanely overdone, to subtle and fun.

Just another kid and a lens flare, I chose kids and lens flares, because moms love seeing what they can make their kids look like with cool overlays.
This one is a little more subtle and easier to digest. It made it look like it was a warm and glowing day.

You’d be surprised, if you couldn’t get a real lens flare from the light coming into the lens, you can turn it around with one of these overlays. And you can control how bright or dark it is, which helps. I’m not the boss of you, go crazy! Add 50 lens flares if you want.

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