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It’s not all about Photography, but I will always mention it!

Anyone who is a follower of my Podcast “The Professional Amateur Podcast”, might realize that there hasn’t been a new episode in a while. The last episode was talking about how I had a lot of guests in the works. What was brewing in the background was a huge shift in everything that I am doing. And it was an important shift, because it gave me clarity and focus on what I truly want and desire in life.

To create a Photography Empire.

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Some will look at the idea of an empire as something that dominates others, but I had a vision of it all being a little different. I’ve had this vision for such a long time, but what I did not have was clarity and order for this vision. That is when I started walking a path of self help.

Now, maybe getting a therapist isn’t your thing, or a business coach, or even a Shaman, are all not your cup of tea. However, they were and are for me.

Getting a therapist and working through a lot of inner turmoil and confusion was a big first step for me, after my ADHD diagnosis 2 years ago at 39, I needed a little guidance.

Amy Yancy

Getting a business and intuitive coach (shout out to Amy Yancy at and her podcast had me looking at what I truly wanted and desired. I spent hours and hours of sessions with Amy and came out enlightened, and with a large list of things that I still had to tackle in life, but I had a gameplan.

Rosie and Kit Volcano

I started putting into practice what I had learned and understood I had blocks still, and you can discount or blow off the teachings and ideas of people like Joe Dispenza. Or the approach to energetic and spiritual enlightenment like Kit and Rosie Volcano (and another shout out to the amazing my second family of mystics, creators, coaches, and overall rad people). However, their approach to everything in life had me look at things differently. However, I still had blocks on what I was trying to achieve.

It wasn’t that I was not good enough, or that I didn’t deserve it.
I KNOW I deserve it, and I am more than enough for it all.

There was something deeper.

Atousa Raissyan

And that is when my wife had stumbled on Atousa, a Shaman and Life Coach out of Maryland. (Check her out
And that is where it started to get deeper, she functions as a guide to healing past trauma. Trauma I didn’t even realize was trauma, trauma that I had forgotten about, and trauma that I knew happened but was afraid to acknowledge it.

You have no idea how amazing it felt to get through some of the trauma so far. It’s opened up everything to me, and I’m ready to receive all the wealth and abundance I want.

If all of this isn’t your cup of tea, that’s fine… it’s mine, and it works for me.

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*SHRUG* Photo by Polina Zimmerman on

Couple all of that with some online guides from Amanda Frances ( and Denise Duffield-Thomas (, I have all the tools to be successful.

So, this was a long winded segway to get to saying.

The Podcast is back.

I still have all those guests on hold and am going to be excited to roll out new episodes every week again. I will also have a few self episodes that deal with hurdles, blocks, misconceptions, or general mental health checks for all of us small business owners and professional amateurs alike.

So, it might not always be about Photography, but it will always be adjacent. At the very least, it will always be helpful for you and me.

Stefan Glazer
Stefan Glazer

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