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I’m done with Dreamhost… Hello Skystra!

After what seemed like a Life-Long relationship (13 friggin years) with Dreamhost, has come to an end. After a month of continually having issues on their server side, I finally got my main bread and butter transferred to a new host. You’re here now! You actually clicked a link and it didn’t time out. It’s running a lot smoother, and I have a good support team, and so far, this move to Skystra has been a beautiful beginning to beautiful and loving friendship. But it’s not over yet, I still have 6 more domains to move here, and it’s daunting but Skystra seems up to the job and always answering me quickly and humanly.

That is something I really need to say, HUMAN.

Fred is the person I’ve been working with since starting this move, and Fred is from the migration team. He is the one who had been in contact with me, sending updates through their ticket system (which is so smooth and easy to use) whenever he had issues or completed a task.

I know Fred did this because I would get ticket updates signed by him.

However, during this month of hell that Dreamhost had put me through, I have no idea who is working on it. I also have no idea if anyone actually IS working on it. I received the same canned document… Any other Dreamhost people out there know the one:

I received this email, and roughly 40 others like it.
This is just from the last 30 days… roughly 80 dreamhost emails… 10 of them were “Domain Registration Reminders” a few were me replying… a couple Let’s Encrypt ones… And about 40 Replies with the canned statement

Why even talk about this in a blog post? Because I need this to be seen for people that might try and hop on the Dreamhost train because of their… I don’t even know why anymore, everyone has some sort of really good priced shared hosting plan, proposed amazing uptime, and more blah blah.

I don’t want anyone to have to go through a month of lost revenue and lost everything for that matter.

The straw was today when I received this email:

Hello Stefan,

Thank you for reaching out to us on Social Media! I noticed your tweet
from @ghengis317 and wanted to follow up with you here! I apologize for
the issues you are experiencing and any inconvenience it has caused.

Customer websites impacted by the iad1-shared-d12-02 Connectivity
incident are online and all customer data is accessible while the
migration process continues in the background. The data migration and
balancing process for shared hosting server “iad1-shared-d12-02” is
approximately 3/4 complete.

Support technicians are available at all hours to provide one-on-one
assistance, whether you have any questions regarding this incident or
need help related to your website or business.

Matt C

Which is a funny email to receive when you tweet about something. So let’s see what I was talking about when I was greeted with this odd email:

August 7th AUGUST 7TH

So… I have reached out and had the Skystra people


I’m going to add an affiliate link here for Skystra

  1. Because I can
  2. Because They Offered Me A Link To Do This
  3. Because Fuck Dreamhost

And if, for any reason Skystra Let’s me down like Dreamhost… I’ll be sure to write about it as well.

I don’t even know what you get with this link, but hey, it’s a referral link!

Stefan Glazer
Stefan Glazer

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