Fiverr – A weird place for creatives

I will say this up front, there are millions of people on Fiverr, including myself. *cough* shameless plug *cough*.

However, I will also say this up front. Fiverr is HARD to get into, especially if you are doing something like Photo Editing and Retouching, Restoration, or Anything that is small, tedious and frustrating for the general population. It’s over-saturated, supremely over-saturated.

Take my basic “gig” I am offering is 3 Photos edited, corrected, and touched up for $5 dollars. Let me tell you this, that is a steal. That is giving away work, but I need to start to get a foothold in the service. The problem is, there are 30,000 other Photo Editors, 25,000 Photo Retouchers, 16,000 Photoshop Editors on this site. And a lot of them, who seem to have a lot of positive reviews and customers, have questionable skills at best.

I hate tooting my own horn and as a creative I’m not confident in a lot of things, but there is one thing I know I am exceptional at, and that is editing photos. I’m not a “Professional Amateur” like everything else I do, I am a top tier professional, but, that means nothing on this platform.

I did, have one client so far, it was a friend and I am thankful for the chance they gave me to work on their photos. I can only hope that more will follow suit and ask for my services.

In the mean time? Here is the work I did for Koibug, a cosplayer and great person overall.

[s201_bai id=”1″]

[s201_bai id=”2″]

[s201_bai id=”3″]

Hopefully more people will call on me for some side work during this quarantine. For now, I’ll just keep on pushing!