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Being a Photographer in an age of Cameras

I get asked as a photographer from time to time.

“How do you survive as a photographer when everyone has a camera on their phone or knows someone with a fancy camera?”

I say things like, “oh you know, I provide more than capturing photos” or “It’s ok out there for someone like me” or even, “It’s a little slow, but I do alright”.

The reality is, I don’t do alright. I don’t survive on what I do. My clientele has been all over the map, my focus has been all over the map, I have been all over the map.

I get scared because I have these skills and abilities that people are amazed by, but there are a few things that cause alarm in my life attached to me being a photographer.

I don’t make any real money. I don’t make consistent money. I don’t sell any prints of my artwork.

I get frustrated constantly because I feel like everyone should be able to live off doing the things they love. I love photography. I LOVE creating images that people love.

I can have, at length, social posts, links, and more about my work and services, however, it doesn’t turn into sales, it doesn’t turn into clients, it doesn’t turn into growth.

But, upfront, I say, “It’s ok”.

This is the constant battle I have in my head. It’s a big reason why I stopped pursuing clients last year for photography. I just didn’t feel like I could be a photographer.

But things change, thoughts change, and people do actually change.


This year, I’ve thought a lot about how I am a photographer. That is a huge distinction.

A big change was working with Chrystopher the Astromedium and you might see some recent work of mine come across both his website and his instagram.

Chrystopher the Astromedium

This is a path I need to follow. I need to keep working with special people, light workers, magic beings. These are the people that believe in my art and believe in my photography.

And with my photography. I will forever capture their magic as well.

I want to continue to bring more and more art to the world. Show people their magic more and more. I want to make sure the entire energetic world is represented in photos.

So, be sure to get a print and to book a photoshoot with me.

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