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The Life of a Content Creator During a Pandemic.

We all are in this together, it’s true, this Covid-19 Pandemic is taking a toll on every single person in this country and on this planet in some way. A lot of people lost their jobs, and a lot of people who work as independent contractors or are self employed and rely on being out in the public are at a huge loss right now.

So, what does life look like as a Content Creator during a time like this?

It’s busy, and a little unnerving.

I supplement a salary by doing things like Walking Dogs, Doing Photo shoots, and Selling things online.

Well, the first two things are shelved for the foreseeable future since we must maintain proper social distancing guidelines. Which is frustrating, because that is a bulk of my income.

Selling things online is tough, because everyone is watching their money right now, and that is understandable as well.

I’m grateful that my wife still has her job in Corporate America and can work from home. What that means is that I can work on doing a large number of different creative and essential work to make sure I come out of this on top.

I have a list of things I do every day.
I will repeat that, I do these every day, to make sure we are staying relevant and up to speed with the internet and life.


  1. Write out my to-do list for the day
  2. Go over analytics from the previous day to see what is getting traction and performed well on all social platforms and websites. This includes
    This Blog your are reading and it’s Facebook Page,
    Philomena’s Website, Youtube, IG, Twitter and Facebook,
    SNG Design Co’s Etsy, Shopify, FB and IG.
  3. Creating a posting game plan for Live Posts (it’s an algorithm game) and Schedule a few posts for the next few days at a time for each channel. My wife handles Philomena’s instagram, but I make sure to share those posts across other platforms that aren’t auto handled
  4. Create a list of 3 creative things I want to accomplish for my To-Do list. ie; create youtube thumbnails, edit photos of the dogs, write a blog, live stream a photo shoot.
  5. Watch and work SEO for Shop and Blogs
  6. Find one thing to clean every day in the house.
  7. Yoga and Strength Training
  8. Figure out what we are eating for dinner.


  1. Record, Edit, Post 1 Philomena Youtube Video
  2. Stream 1 Photo shoot
  3. Schedule Blog Posts for the Week
  4. Do Creative Writing Exercises Once A Week
  5. Draw or Paint something
  6. Do a creative photo shoot and editing session by myself to not disturb the process with outside influences

It might not seem like much, but, when all you have is time in the house, you make due with what is going on. What I hope that all this prepping, upkeep and pushing does, is help me come out of the quarantine ready to network and get the ball rolling on other ventures.

Now, beyond those “set” pieces of work and creativity. I do have other avenues that I need to explore now that I have the time. Reviving old podcasts and creative outlets with friends, starting new ventures through the very blog you are reading, and most importantly, getting in contact with as many people as possible to make sure that I am in demand when a demand can be achieved again.

This is a lot of words for me blog, I know. You all come here for photos of pugs and other fun stuff.

I won’t let you down, here is your reward for sitting and reading through my ramblings. Enjoy some macro photography of heatsinks and a CPU.

Stefan Glazer
Stefan Glazer

Author, Photographer, Artist, Pug Dad, Podcast Host, Teacher, Friend

Articles: 210

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