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The Professional Amateur is now…

I decided to rebrand my podcast… and now… my blog. You see, the idea behind the Professional Amateur was about always creating professional work and still having the love and passion of that work of an amateur trying to make it.

It was a concept that was pretty close to my heart and let me talk to people in many capacities, teach people, and more. I’m not saying that the idea for photography courses and tutorials won’t live on with the Professional Amateur moniker.

I am saying that my main focus in life is giving light to, educating on, and talking about Neurodiversity. If you didn’t know already, I wrote a book and it’s available on Amazon. This is it here in Hardcover, Paperback and Kindle:

I am setting up a whole swath of ways to support from updating my podcast page:

to creating an actual support group:

I want to not just help people, I want to give them a space to be open and talk about their struggles. I think this is a very important topic to talk about, because it’s a giant burden to a lot of the population that mostly will struggle silently with.

Navigating Neurodiversity was the start of a huge movement for me, personally and professionally. It’s letting me be me and telling others it is ok to be them too.

So, I will take this from my social media post:

Rebranding is important. Especially when you look at what you’re doing and who you’re serving as a person. While I will still have people on the podcast who truly love their passions in life. I will be doing a positive pivot and refocusing on what truly is important to me and what I do in life.

So, if you’re already subscribed, you might have gotten a notice, if not. Here is your update:

The Professional Amateur Podcast is now, “Navigating Neurodivergence with Stefan Glazer”.

I am excited in the direction I’m going, because this direction is nothing but positive and will help so many people. It will also give people a new place to tell their stories, their struggles, and their love of their craft who have overcome any number of neurodiverse issues.

So, feel free to stop by and listen. You’ll notice it was really this all along.

Those that have stories to tell, contact me!

Those that are confused by this… are you really? Doesn’t this just make much more sense coming from me? Because I feel it does. I know it does.

Stefan Glazer
Stefan Glazer

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