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Celebrating Myself

I want to be sure to let you all know that it’s ok to celebrate yourself, your accomplishments, your wins.

I have a really hard time doing this.

A really hard time.

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I don’t celebrate myself. I don’t buy myself presents. I don’t take a moment to think about the task I completed. I don’t even really acknowledge that I finished something.

I tried really hard to do it with this book. I really did, but it wasn’t until after I had sent my draft to the editor that I even really posted about it in depth.

Even then, that’s all I’ve done. I overcame so much inner turmoil writing a book, putting my thoughts together, getting the ideas coherent and easy to read and understand, and getting it edited.

Then taking the edits, updating them, getting revisions, and getting to a final, formatted draft for kindle, softcover and hardcover.

These are things that someone with Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria from ADHD and even Emotional Dysregulation will have full on panic attacks thinking that the work they did wasn’t good or they are horrible people because they made mistakes.

I got through all of it.

I am 12 days from the release of my book. I have done all the work. I have all the versions of the book available and ready to go live. I have the pre-order for Kindle available. (pre-order for kindle still available!)

What I really need to do is celebrate my accomplishments. Actually celebrate it.

Not just feel relief that I finished it.

I’m working on it though.

For now… it’s a work in progress.

Stefan Glazer
Stefan Glazer

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