Zoomballs: Learning to play with your balls for the sake of art.

My wife had purchased a set of Zoomballs for me. And I had always wanted a set to try new ideas for portraits and landscapes. Well, eventually, I can go out and do some landscape shots with these. But, trying sheltered in place times, I decided to do something simple. A portrait of my guitar….

My SD Card is too SLOW!?

This was the question that was posed, and there seems to be some mystery at all these numbers all over the cards you have (or maybe there are no numbers at all). I want to break down these numbers and make it easier for you to decide what you need to take photos or videos….

Shelter in Place? What’s a Photographer to do.

As I sat here and wondered, “Well, you can’t go out and make money as a photographer if all the businesses are closed and no one wants to meet in person, for good reason. What am I going to do?”. Turn the house into fun shoots. So, what does that entail? Let’s see! Time to…

There is Magic in those Mountains.

The West It always seems to call me, and when I am there, it seems to grab tight and not want to let go. There is something stunningly beautiful about the southwest, the wonderful colors of reds, browns, and yellows. It’s a constant painting of the earth. I try to capture it as much as…