Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

What a statement, “Don’t Be Afraid to Ask”. “Ask What?!”, You might ask. Well, that is the million dollar question. Whenever you have an obstacle in front of you, you need to stop being so stubborn and figuring it out for yourself, and stop being afraid to ask someone who has gone through it before….

Don’t shoot fireworks… unless you really shoot fireworks.

It’s July. That means people are getting ready to take photos and videos of fireworks that no one will watch or look at ever. Sorry, this is a cold hard truth. So, this is an important statement for you to learn. Don’t Shoot Fireworks, Unless You REALLY Shoot Fireworks. What do I mean by that?…

I Don’t Know How To Use Patreon

The title kind of says it all. I have a Patreon, I used to use it for our old gaming podcast/youtube/streaming community. It was easy to handle then, it made sense and it was simple to execute. So, I decided to start one for my blog. I was thinking to do so to offset the…

Words of Wisdom, From Instagram

Through instagram, *cough cough*, I’ve made a ton of insta-friends with other photographers and models throughout the country. Some I do some retouching work for, some I just admire their work, and others, well, others I seek wisdom and knowledge from the veterans. One of my favorites is Scott Rust, AKA Rusty Pants. Check…

Shooting Everyday

This is something that a lot of people have problems with. They think they need to get their gear together, pack it up, head out, find something to shoot, and shoot, edit. Every Day? Where the hell did you find the time to do that? To invest hours every day to do something like that….

Consistency is Key

We all have our faults, we all have our little shortcomings, and we all seem to be blind to them until someone else points them out.

Art through Texture

I finally have put time and effort into trying to sell my prints. I will have MPIX fulfilling prints, I want people to have my art in their house. This will be the first step into getting there.

May 2019 – Published for the first (and second) time

May 2019 was just a regular month. Regular happenings, is doing great, we have events coming up, friends coming, family stopping by. All in all it was a great month. Then, I realized something, we had a few interviews for our Pug, Philomena, ( ) and we got word they were finally going…

Flash Photography – A helpful guide to why – Part 2

For Jasmine, because she demanded Part 2. But it’s not complete at all, there will be a Part 3. However, look for the overview here in Part 1 So, now, ONTO THE FLASH! We’re going to use the example of a Speedlite, or Speedlight, or Speed Light, depending on what brand of camera you have…

Seamless Seems Less

By now, you probably have noticed that I’m more of a nature, candid, real world photographer, getting texture and natural objects in frame for shots. However, sometimes you want a seamless solid color background, without texture (blech) for a portrait, product, or pet shot. So, I started on a journey to find a great way…