Shooting Everyday

This is something that a lot of people have problems with. They think they need to get their gear together, pack it up, head out, find something to shoot, and shoot, edit. Every Day? Where the hell did you find the time to do that? To invest hours every day to do something like that….

Consistency is Key

We all have our faults, we all have our little shortcomings, and we all seem to be blind to them until someone else points them out.

Art through Texture

I finally have put time and effort into trying to sell my prints. I will have MPIX fulfilling prints, I want people to have my art in their house. This will be the first step into getting there.

May 2019 – Published for the first (and second) time

May 2019 was just a regular month. Regular happenings, is doing great, we have events coming up, friends coming, family stopping by. All in all it was a great month. Then, I realized something, we had a few interviews for our Pug, Philomena, ( ) and we got word they were finally going…

Flash Photography – A helpful guide to why – Part 2

For Jasmine, because she demanded Part 2. But it’s not complete at all, there will be a Part 3. However, look for the overview here in Part 1 So, now, ONTO THE FLASH! We’re going to use the example of a Speedlite, or Speedlight, or Speed Light, depending on what brand of camera you have…

Seamless Seems Less

By now, you probably have noticed that I’m more of a nature, candid, real world photographer, getting texture and natural objects in frame for shots. However, sometimes you want a seamless solid color background, without texture (blech) for a portrait, product, or pet shot. So, I started on a journey to find a great way…

Flash Photography – A helpful guide to why – Part 1

Ok, first, get a lengthy trench coat, wear nothing underneath and then when someone is least expecting it, jump out from a bush or from around the corner and expose yourself! (DON’T EVER DO THIS). So, you want to learn how to use your Flash. First we need to get a handle on some basics…

Mini Review: Canon 50mm 1.8

I was not compensated for this review and I was not given a review lens to do this review. This is coming from about 2 years worth of use. If you have a Canon camera, and are just starting out and don’t know what to do for portraits and really fine and clear shots in…

To sell your own photos, you have to sell yourself.

I’ve researched everything from Shopify, to Etsy, to weird things like ArtPal and of course free-ish things like WooCommerce. I have a Pixieset Gallery, I want to have a more fire and forget idea for my art. I think I figured it out. I think it’s time to burn it all down. For the longest…

What do you want to learn today?

Here is a small Poll, I want your input on what to do next in this Tutorial endeavor. Not seeing something on the poll that you want to see laid out for you? Go ahead and leave a comment below!